I simply love to have fun, and handle life in my own little way, just going along in my happy bubble :)
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Ryan Reynolds

does he not realize that its a water gun? or is he surprised that by shooting a water gun at his face that water would come out of it? also how much water did the water gun actually have to be to get him that wet?

Marc Schulze..

Cole he is a fighter. A cute boy for a gangster. He's a little vulgar. He dislikes some people and messes with My a lot.

Josh Hutcherson...

Can't wait to see The Hunger Games(: kathryndgomez Josh Hutcherson! Can't wait to see The Hunger Games(: Josh Hutcherson! Can't wait to see The Hunger Games(:

Scene boy b

Scene boy Awe that hair someone took his smexii pill today(: xox i want me an emo/scene boy

maybe both?

We met for a reason,either you're a blessing or a lesson. For awhile, you were both . At first you were "the blessing". Then you turned into "the lesson"!

April and May

I cried when I read this. I see you in my sleep, and that's where we're still perfect. Where we still love each other. It breaks my heart because I have to wake up eventually and realize it really is just a dream.

It gets harder to breathe... Thoughts/ memories.

No matter how long it's been there are still times when I think of you and suddenly it gets harder to breathe. Then the tears start flowing and I scream out , why Audrey why , God I miss you so much , what happened to my loving caring wife !