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(Open) I went into the training room to train when two people came at me. I throw one onto the ground and jump and kick the other down, landing onto the first one. I chuckle a bit as I get up. "Don't mess with me." I smirk, helping the other two up. "Kris?" I hear someone say. "Yeah, what can I do for you?" I reply, grabbing some water.

samantha-lee-parkour: “ forthesakeofmovement: “ Amy vs Many ” Some awesome ovaries in action ” R.P to the testies

Nadia Comaneci | Uneven Bars | Dismount | 1976 Olympics OUCH!!!

Crazy cool flips, twists, and turns from elite gymnasts around the world. Prepare to feel really inflexible after seeing these 20 gymnastics GIFs.

memesymamas: mma-gifs: Paige VanZant Lo siento rubia, esta...

whiskey-wolf: “ mma-gifs: “ Paige VanZant ” yes ”

For one thing, this is terrifying, and then also... I'm pretty sure she is the female Gollum.

Funny pictures about She Likes To Jump Like A Horse. Oh, and cool pics about She Likes To Jump Like A Horse. Also, She Likes To Jump Like A Horse photos.