This image is future play. I think about my future all the time, what I want out…

10 Reasons to Get Psyched for the Holidays

Family photo idea: dad, mom and baby hands. Such a great idea for my sons family!

Trying to find my new identity and dreams. 1X - by LucyndaLu

This is a powerful painting which links into the theme together and/or apart because her face is separated from her features. It also links into the theme of changing identity.

I like the mixed media feel of this one and the fact that it's black and white…

Collage of photo and sketch appears to show the model like a nearly completed drawing. This could be done using wire as opposed to the sketch work.

I love this image of the baby that has been dawn in graphite and in a jigsaw…

A graphite drawing of a baby as a puzzle piece, this has a surreal kind of feeling to it.

this picture is surreal because it is showing a teen loosing pieces from his…

18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions

Self Portrait of the Artist - Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions - My Modern Metropolis Sebastian Eriksson

Austin, TX artist Jane Radstrom (concepto, movimiento y textura)

Austin, TX artist Jane Radstrom

I like the b&w torn to see colour. Could do same, blurry picture and clear…

Lorena Cosba-could do this with students-a self portrait, and a contrasting image to show what's underneath. Note: Transformation in time peeling off effect layering the same face but in different time.

the feeling or not knowing who you are and yet not knowing who you want to be...

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