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a wooden table topped with fruit and greenery
candles and decorations on the ground in front of a staircase with snowflakes hanging from it
a woman standing next to a christmas tree in a room with people sitting at tables
a wreath with cinnamons, pine cones and other decorations hanging on a curtained window
three candles are sitting on a table next to some twigs and other things in front of them
oranges and other fruit are on display in a glass case with pine cones around them
Duffle Bag
a table topped with lots of different types of christmas decorations and lights on top of it
there are many different types of food on the wooden tray and in front of them is an assortment of skewers
a man and woman standing in front of a table full of food on wooden crates
bottles of water are on display for sale at a grocery store in moscow, russia
there are many cards on the table with name tags in russian and some other languages
Coffee, Bath Salts, Coffee Bag, Drinks
an open box with wrapped presents and tags on the label that says tapi liner
many different types of juices lined up on a table