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Orianna Acheampong
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Killer Upper Body & Abs Bodyweight Workout || lushiousLIFTS.com

The skinny arm pose is a staple, but how great would it be to have toned arms all of the time (no awkward posing required)? Whether your goal is to look like Michelle Obama, or to just cut down on the “chicken wing” look, there are easy ways to achiev

Scallops with Cilantro and Ginger-Lime Sauce

Scallops with Cilantro and Ginger-Lime Sauce lime shallot oz ginger root 2 tbsp white wine 1 sprig cilantro clove garlic cup unsalted butter 12 oz bay scallop 1 tbsp olive oil

How The World Serves Eggs #Infographic #Eggs #Food

Eggs Around The World - I think this is an example that I could share with my students, of how we may be different, but that we are similar. We may prepare eggs differently, but we all eat eggs.) Simple, but makes a point.

Swedish Chocolate Cake

Kladdkaka is a traditional Swedish chocolate cake, deliberately under-baked to create a deliciously gooey, chocolatey middle! Find the traditional recipe on the Waitrose website.

This vegetarian Italian soup is quick and easy to make in 30 minutes. Orzo Tomato Spinach Soup is loaded with roasted garlic, onions, and Italian seasoning.

Italian Orzo Tomato Spinach Soup - This soup is loaded with classic Italian flavors and it’s simple to make! Orzo tomato spinach soup is completely vegetarian friendly and it’s so warm and comforting! The perfect soup so serve on a chilly day.