The best Bookshops to fall in love in!

Where's your ideal love nook? We LOVE Veronica Henry's How To Find Love In A Bookshop and here's our best lovely bookshops to celebrate!
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the inside of a library with many bookshelves and tables on each floor, looking up at the ceiling
Waterstones, Birmingham - Panorama
We're thinking a Rogers/Astaire dance routine up those steps! Waterstones, Birmingham
a store front with many windows and signs on it
A French Lady In NC
London's oldest bookshop, Hatchards Bookshop, Piccadilly, London
a room filled with lots of books next to a green chair and bookcases
Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France
You could be lost for days!
the inside of a library with tables and chairs
Daunt books London 03
How could we not mention Daunts? Daunt Books, Marylebone High Street, London, UK.
an old library filled with lots of books
It is housed in an old Gaelic church so an convenient place for a wedding too *nudge nudge* Leakey’s Bookshop, Church Street, Inverness, UK.
an overhead view of a library filled with books
a quieter storm
Isn't this one gorgeous? You'd have to travel to Portuagal but it is so pretty! Livraria Lello, Oporto
a table with books on it in front of a window and sign that says wild and homeless books
Wild and Homeless Books, Dorset
You can leave reviews on a TYPEWRITER! The perfect venue for that meet-cute! Wild and Homeless Books, Dorset
the inside of a book store with rows of books lined up on either side of the aisle
Barter Books, Alnwick. | Barter Books, Alnwick.
Bring me my arrows of desire! This one seems promising! Barter Books, Alnwick, Northumbria, England
how to find love in a book shop by veronica henry, the sunday times best seller
How to Find Love in a Book Shop
How to Find Love in a Book Shop: Veronica Henry: 9781409146889: Books