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He will always put her first, because he wants to be someone she needs, someone she never had...

Colin O'Donoghue / Killian Jones / Capitan Hook Jennifer Morrison / Emma Swan Once Upon A Time - C'era Una volta If you take place like thanks Miriam

You said you wouldn't go a day without thinking of me! Once Upon a Time Captain Hook Emma Swan

I love that they had Colin dress as Hook for the interview. In the extended version of this interview, it killed me to hear him say "true love or whatever"

Captain Swan 4ever!

Once upon a time - Captain Hook - Colin O'donoghue - Killian Jones - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan – Captain Swan – OUAT

God, How I Adore Hook ♥

This date killed me. This is a ghost writing this pin. Damn Killy bear, I have really missed your sassinness❤ god bless

21 Times Emma and Hook Were Your Favorite Couple on Once Upon a Time

There are a lot of epic romances on Once Upon a Time, but nothing comes quite as close to Captain Swan. Not only do Captain Hook and Emma Swan make one sexy

- and, god, I wish I’d fallen with you… #ouat<<<OUCH. THAT REALLY HURTS.

I soo cried in this part. I am even crying now with this pic😭😭😭😢😪😓