Time is an Illusion

Illusions through Architecture. 'A temporal Lens'. Portals to navigate different time zones. Is there something in navigating illusions, to travel to different experiences? Time travel?
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an old black and white drawing of a cathedral at night with boats in the water
The Drowned Cathedral - EscherMath
an abstract painting with blue and yellow stripes
Lee Ufan. From Line. 1974 | MoMA
an ink drawing of a blue object on white paper
(#141) NAUM GABO | Opus Twelve
an abstract sculpture made out of clear acrylic material
Naum Gabo: Constructions for Real Life
Naum Gabo. Construction in Space with Crystalline Centre, 1938–40. Perspex and celluloid, 32.4 x 47 x 22 cm. The Work of Naum Gabo © Nina & Graham Williams / Tate, 2019.
a square metal object on a white surface
Heinz Mack ~ Light Dynamo ~ 1966 ~ Aluminium, glas, hout en motor ~ 57,8 x 57,1 x 22 cm ~ Tate Liverpool
three metal sculptures sitting on top of a lush green field
Reflecting in Waddesdon
Reflecting in Waddesdon Jeppe Hein, Geometric Mirrors