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styled by Simone Barter of stylelifehome.com.au and photographed by Lisa Ford #thoughtfulashell #socialpreparednesskit #eggpress

Paper and stationery styling by Simone Barter, as seen on Paper Runway Issue

SUBMISSION: From the series, ‘Found In Nature' by Barry Rosenthal. pinned from things organized neatly

"Found in nature" by Barry Rosenthal: pictures of beach trash which he collected over the years.

Things Organized Neatly | 1  http://thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com/archive

Toronto-based photographer Todd McLellan has created "Things Come Apart," a photo collection of disassembled technology like chainsaws, pianos, clocks, cam

Neatly Organised Things - AnotherDesignBlog.

Swedish design office Kontor Kontur’s latest project is this very cool still life series of everyday objects describing the craftsmanship behind graphic and office work.