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How to model 3d realistic female character In zbrush | CGSAFARI

f Elf Fighter portrait Bringing a fantasy character to life By Dmitry Cheremisin

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona

Galadriel / The Lord of the Rings / Elf Queen

I don't know who this could be really....but I love the way he looks. Such a commanding presence.

elf prince by guangjian huang Exotique The World’s Most Beautiful CG Characters

Sylpha, Linn Kristine Pettersen on ArtStation at

m Elf wounded eye portrait ArtStation - Sylpha, Linn Kristine Pettersen

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Nalia Lavellan dressing up by nipuni

Fen'Harel / Lavellan

Fen'Harel / Lavellan

the fade boys!! I love them so much

nipuni: “the fade boys! I love them so much ”

tumblr_o1gyjd7CiU1rocg83o1_540.png 540×808 pixels

nipuni: “ Blame it on the wine mhmm ”

'Nalia' ※ Art by Nipuni

Nalia Lavellan by Nipuni


Solas and Lavellan, solavellan