wetheurban: “ Portraits, Maisie Cousins London-based photographer Maisie Cousins explores femininity, social norms, textures, and color in her intriguing photographic.

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Available for sale from Annka Kultys Gallery, Maisie Cousins, Flora Single-channel video

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Maisie Cousins makes images that pulsate. They are voluptuous whether they contain bright-eyed women muddied up with something unsanitary, or phallic blooms of peonies being violated by the artist’s fingers.

A new photo book details beauty’s fluidity with over 500 pages of nudes.


New photo book UNLOCKED contains 500 images of nudes exploring how photographers are using the Internet to challenge beauty stereotypes. Curated by by Tap the link in our bio to see more by dazed

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