Heart-shaped paper clips

Paperclip Hearts ♥ DIY Heart-shaped Paper Clips by howaboutorange: A piece-of-cake Valentine project: bend regular paper clips into little heart shapes.


Fingerprint heart, fun idea for the back of your handmade tags. Going to seal our wedding thank you card envelopes with our thumb prints.

how to cut the perfect snowflake

How to cut the perfect snowflake/flower. I MADE THIS & they look beautiful. It's easier with printer paper than construction paper.


Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Confetti

What a wonderful way to ask you bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding day!

For the modern bride. A chic card to ask your girlfriends to be a part of your wedding day. Each card x is hand printed. 3 Lavender Bridesmaid Cards 1 Matron of Honor Card 4 metallic gold envelopes

Create a nice Christmas card with buttons!

Button Christmas Cards Kids can use buttons to create a variety of holiday shapes on cardstock for a charming Christmas card. Use craft glue to affix buttons and construction paper shapes to the card.

Christmas card ideas - Featured Favorite #peartreegreetings #Christmascards

Featured Favorite

Christmas card ideas - Featured Favorite #peartreegreetings #Christmascards