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High impact charity ad. Hopefully this was coupled with donation boxes placed prominently at the till.

Guerilla Marketing - For a cause. From Feed SA a South African charitable organization that operates food programs to the poverty-stricken in SA townships. The cart's handle bears the tagline, "See how easy feeding the hungry can be?

This great poster by the Surfrider Foundation and Rise Above Plastics is designed to raise awareness about ocean pollution.    The advertiser has created sushi rolls out of the sort of rubbish that one might find in the sea.  A brilliant, simple idea, with lovely clean art direction and a punchy piece of copy.

I really like how the Surfrider Foundation have represented the effects of plastics in the ocean. Showing the plastic in sushi which is sea food to represent the ocean I think is a clever and very creative way to grab people's attention.

Benetton's 2011"UnHate" campaign is the most recent in their shock ads. It features famous political figures such President Obama kissing Hu Jinato, the Chinese President.

This fake computer-generated photo of Hu Jintao (left), leader of the People's Republic of China, kissing President Obama is part of Italian retailer Benetton's new ad campaign. The Unhate campaign seeks to promote tolerance and combat hatred.

11 terrifying kids from vintage adverts who will freeze the very marrow in your bones - Us Vs Th3m

What's Secondhand Smoke? This 1951 Marlboro ad both pours on the kitsch with a cute baby, and lays on the parental guilt ("Just one question, Mom: Can you afford not to smoke? CREDIT: Stanford School of Medicine