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An unseasonably warm and bright day greeted the participants of Harajuku Fashion Walk as they gathered in front of the famous Takeshita Street to parade around the district and show off their Harajuku style.

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Harajuku Fashion, Japan Style

Harajuku Style, Harajuku Fashion, Japan Style, Claire, Images

Decora is a Japanese fashion style also known as "Dekora" or "Decorer". It is often mistaken for the 'FRUITs' style by people outside of Japan. The best way to identify a Decora-chan from a FRUiTs-y person is by their use of brightly colored toys as.

Unicorns, Rainbows and The Brightest Styled Shoot I’ve Ever Seen: Harajuku Harem

Harajuku is not only just a fashion trend but more like a famous street in Japan place where world fashion trends were collided harmonically.