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Military spending in Africa, by the Economist #map #africa

TWO out of three African countries have substantially increased military spending over the past decade; the continent as a whole raised military expenditure by

A bespoke bottle of gin, distilled by Adnams to include my preferred botanicals and named after my YA trilogy!  My daughter Emily, proprietor of the respected and popular Bristol Bites food blog, entered a competition to create your own gin…and she was the winner. An Adnams Gin Maker guides you through the process of making your own gin, helping you to select your own choice of botanicals from the range provided, through to distillation, then naming and labelling your personal bottle.

Owen W Knight – Author of The Invisible College Trilogy – The Invisible College – a Trilogy of Dystopian Conspiracy Novels

Photograph of a 'holloway', defined by Robert McFarlane as 'a sunken path, harrowed deep into the landscape by centuries of rainfall, wheel-run, hoof-hit & foot-fret'. In my trilogy, a mysterious, ragged figure from the past is seen, or imagined, searching for his holloway, where he may or may not have lost or buried his secret treasure.

A holloway in Normandy. Some holloways are overgrown by the trees that border them, so they resemble green-roofed tunnels.

Birdswatch Great British Bird Colours. A Colour Swatch For

A Colour Swatch For

Trans-African road map

An illustration of the Trans-African Highway. The Trans-African Highway network comprises transcontinental road projects in Africa being developed by

African languages

Another idea that ties into that of culture, is the language that is spoken there. In Africa, there are over 1000 indigenous languages that branch off of seven different language families. Africa may be a "young" continent, but it definitely has history!