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Orozco, Gabriel: Fine Arts, Artists | The Red List

Gabriel Orozco (Mexican, born Fear Not 2001 Synthetic polymer paint and felt-tip pen on paper

Share are becoming more valuable, everyone is chasing the like Funny, Creative and Clever Illustrations by David Schwen

Cinismo Ilustrado (Cynicism Illustrated) by Eduardo Salles A series of posters that touch on the idea that using smartphones, deciphering icons, and clicking “like” have become second nature—a funny.

Puppet on a String, one string is society one is peer pressure another is alcohol and the final one is social media. shes has no control over what she does, she is the new generation

This image indicates women are controlled by society and men. They are no longer looked at as individuals.

drawings that makes you start questio everything in the world

Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski has worked in satirical illustration since specializing in thought-provoking images that make his audience question their everyday lives. His subjects deal with …

"ELECTRESS" by Nick Gentry // Mixed paint and used computer disks on wood (75cm x 27cm), Signed 1 off original / Miami Art Basel, SCOPE booth A39 (Robert Fontaine Gallery)

The Art of Nick Gentry Stunning floppy disk artworks by Nick Gentry. Floppy Disks Art by Nick Gentry Floppy Disks Art by Nick Gentry Art with Floppy Disks

it was all a dream

only paint eyes,neck and lips leave everything blank and toneless.

Jen Joaquin....I love the human form in Art, especially tastefully done.

"Figure Self Portrait" - Jen Joaquin, 2008 {contemporary figurative art discreet nude female seated woman back painting}

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option 2 contour line project onebrightmomentisalliask: Moises Mahiques

Guy Dennig / 'Battle of the beanfield'  pencil, chalk and oil on paper  45 x 50 cm

2010 Guy Denning (English self taught contemporary artist/painter based in France. He is the founder of The Neomodern Group and part of the urban art scene in Bristol.

(C) KwangHo Shin

(C) KwangHo Shin - mark making