Try this for research and artist statements.

Stuck for what to write in your sketchbook? Here's a quick guide for writing annotations in you GCSE art sketchbook💖

Twitter / Bunks11: Peer Assessment poster

David Bunker on

Peer Assessment poster - student peer assessment is a valuable tool. Ideas on how to provide feedback to peers.

KS3 Artwork Analysis Sheet (Made by Miss Allen)

Artwork Analysis Sheet (Made by Miss Allen) Might be perfect for a Rousseau project assessment where students are learning about fore-, mid-, and back- ground. Either use with a rousseau work or evaluate another students artwork?


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Assessment; This is a great resource to figure out new ways to check students understanding.

How do you know if your chicken is still laying eggs.

The 27 Ways To Determine If Your Students Are Learning Infographic presents 27 Quick ways to determine if your students are learning during and after a lesson.

Totally Terrific in Texas: Bloom's Buttons

Oh my goodness, amazing resource! Totally Terrific in Texas: "Bloom's Buttons" - Perfect way to incorporate Bloom's Taxonomy and to encourage higher-level thinking!