Photo by Solve Sundsbo. Playing with cut filters over the light. could create original shaped shadows or use objects?

With each season comes a new take on the “MashUp” trend where seemingly unrelated materials, technologies and inspirations collide. One MashUp worthy of recall landed not on the catwalk, but in the…

embroidery by victoria villasana

work of Mexican artist Victoria Villasana. ---- seen on: The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// victoria villasana

40 Brilliant And Creative Examples Of Toy Photography

40 Brilliant And Creative Examples Of Toy Photography

Incredible photographic evidence that toy soldiers are alive! is a showcase of beautiful and professional photographs of toy soldiers doing what they do best!

Lego on Hoth: Freezing sub-zero pictures from the snowy planet of Hoth. Some amazing photos done with lego toys pictured in natural settings.

Ski Trooper Snow troopers were carefree and. - Ski Trooper “ Snow troopers were carefree and relaxed fellas whenever they had free time. On Hoth freestyle skiing was just one of their off duty activities.

Bowl made of melted plastic toy soldiers.

War Bowl

Melted Toy Soldier Bowl - It says you can make it as an allegory for the end of war (!) or you can use melted legos or lots of other toys

Tree carved from a mac ds box.  Amazing paper art on this page, amazing site.

75 Photos Of Amazing Paper Art

Japanese artist Yuken Teruya has turned the new Olympics version of the McDonald’s paper bag into an intricate tree sculpture. Titled ‘Notice-Forest: What Victory Tastes Like/ London’ it is a part of a new group exhibition at Denver’s David Smith Gallery.

Instrumentos Musicais Fotografados por Dentro - Bjoern Ewers (Berlin, 2013)

Instrumentos musicais fotografados por dentro

Berlin Philarmonic Poster art, by Bjoern Ewers