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Yasuyuki Hayashi and Toru Hino

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Oh my! Lol. I thought these planters were really neat in how they make the plant look like a full grown tree... until I looked closer!!   Ceramic Park Planters or Adult Bonzai Planters...  Drawing inspiration from the bonsai, park planters were created to elevate the common household plant to the status of full grown tree. The potted plant becomes the backdrop for an urban park scene. Ranging from illicit sex to flashers and muggers. Designed by Tristan Zimmermann (Science and Sons)
Modern Edo kiriko glassware by Toru Horiguchi, Japan (Edo Kiriko is a Japanese traditional glassware and its origin dates back to 1834 in the Edo period, used emery powder to produce glassware engraved with patterns)
Flower Trap
Winter And Summer S&P Shakers
A wine cup that has a built in straw for when you really can't use your hands.
Israel’s Carmel Winery wants to fix that. Since February, they’ve been teaming with Catit, a Tel Aviv restaurant, to offer special Instagrammable meals and dishware on certain nights. The experience is called Foodography. | This Restaurant Has Plates Designed To Make Your Meals Look Perfect On Instagram