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Fake a smile does not mean a person is fake at all..Accualy she is more real than a lot of people..Maybe she just lost trust in everyone but God to share her pain.

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To All The Fake People quotes - I'm leaving behind all the fake people in my life and yes I know who you are. Read more quotes and sayings about To All The Fake People.

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Some people are real good at being fake that's why they spend so much time trying to convince you that they never lied to you, never stole from you, and that they don't have a problem with you.

Then they talk crap to ur best friend and wonder y ur not talking to them anymore...really?!! FTB's

they wanna see you do good -- for THEM only -- you're not allowed to do good for anyone else. NEVER be better or have it better than them. remember that.

Never knew I could be charismatic until people in my adult years told me they love my charisma...

You can't buy it. You can't make it. And you sure can't fake it." --- Charisma - the ability that someone whose calling is to be a light for the people were given.