Tracy Emin. I loved this chair and concept when I saw it. Great idea and lovely object steeped in memory, future and travel!

Tracey Emin's iconic art

Tracy Emin's There's A Lot Of Money In Chairs, 1994 - would be great in studio!

GRAYSON PERRY #contemporary #art #sculpture

Potter Artist Grayson Perry (British: -The otherness of craft. Political and gender issues addressed by drawing

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Why look into Grayson Perry’s vases? Well… I thought about the way I design my vases with Chinese cultural patterns on them and wondered if there was any o

Tracey Emin - Not Too Much To Ask

"I want an international lover that loves me more than the world" by Tracy Emin

Tracey Emin's Bed is sold at auction for over £2.5m

Tracey Emin's Bed is sold at auction for over £2.5m

The iconic My Bed, created by Tracey Emin in is returning to Tate Britain for the first time in fifteen years.