British English vs. American English spelling

Is gray your neighbor’s favorite color, or is grey your neighbour’s favourite colour?

A comparative of British and American spellings of various words. Would help students to use the correct spelling for their nationality as well broaden their cultural and linguistic understanding.

Demonstratives - THIS, THAT, THESE, THOSE worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers

Demonstratives - THIS, THAT, THESE, THOSE. To show them better how it works on English so we have a better grasp in Spanish.

Good manners in English - how to use polite English

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Everybody should know about some general and common good manner. So just have a look to this pic and learn good manners. You can enhance your talking and writing with these manners. If you want any grammatical help then you can take help from here.

Vocabulary: "[Housing and home:] The bathroom, personal stuff". Level: Basic to Low Intermediate