Boleophthalmus pectinirostris, Ariake Sea, #Japan. #mudskipper

Periophthalmus is a genus of mudskippers native to the mangrove forests along the coasts of Africa, India and Southern Asia. All species under the genus are aggressive and territorial. Of nature, the exquisite and beautiful pictures of fish.

mudskipper - tropical fish, lives in mangroves. enjoys climbing out of the water and checking out what's goin'on.

Periophthalmus barbarus, the Atlantic mudskipper. Mudskippers spend much of their life out of water, resting on rocks, roots or anything else they can find to perch on. They walk by using their highly modified pectoral (swimming) fins much like legs.

biomorphosis:  Mudskipper is a fish which spend more time on...

Mudskipper is a fish which spend more time on land than in water. In fact, a mudskipper will drown if it’s never able to reach the water’s surface! Like other fish, mudskippers breathe through gills,.

I saw this photo and knew I had to share it with you right away!  Trio of mudskippers.

Mudskipper numbers jump eightfold

Mudskippers (amphibious fish) greet one another on land, praying to their antediluvian gods


Mudskippers of Kuala Selangor


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Mudskipper by on @deviantART

Mudskipper by on @deviantART

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