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So many beautiful things can be made from packaging materials. I created this category for the aesthetically pleasing packaging art.
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an assortment of different types of papers and pencils on a table with the same color
CONSERVARIUM — cultural conservation
Branding, graphic design and packaging for CONSERVARIUM on Behance by Toro Pinto Guadalajara, Mexico curated by Packaging Diva PD. Graphic identity for art conservation.
four different types of vases with flowers in them and water on the bottom one
curated contemporary art
New York based artist Aurel Schmidt PD
paper cutouts with different types of items on them, including scissors and other things
continental breakfast.
continental breakfast. on Behance by Michaela Mihalyiová Bratislava, Slovakia PD
six different types of cigars are stacked on top of each other in an advertisement
Get Freshly Roasted! | Dark Matter Coffee
Dark Matter Coffee Packaging. They often collaborate with artists and it pays off PD
a blue bottle sitting next to a yellow box
Roy Lichtenstein - Champagne Taittinger Brut Bottle
Champagne Taittinger Brut Bottle PD
three different views of an open box with rocks on the inside and in between it
This edible zen garden really rocks
Edible zen garden with black sesame rocks and sugar sand. Here's the extended pin on this beautiful Zen packaging design. PD
several different types of boats are shown in this drawing
whisky & wine
whisky on Behance by Jun Sasaki Tokyo, Japan curated by Packaging Diva PD. some of the top whiskey bottle packaging as art.
a bottle filled with lots of food on top of a red background
Coca-Cola / Open Happiness
Coca-Cola / Open Happiness by Sergio Alonso, via Behance PD
three jars with labels on them sitting in front of a white background and some leaves
Pinterest — Harriet Mellor
Harriet Mellor Infused waters PD
three bottles of different types of syrup
Raul´s obsession > Raquel Jove ® PD
a can of soup with the word campbell's on it
Warhol Soup Cans (Art Projects for Kids)
Andy #Warhol Pop art #packaging project. Design your own #soup label and wrap it on a real can. PD
four different types of perfume bottles with the names written on them in black and red ink
The Lovely Work of Ekaterina Koroleva
such simple line drawings made amazing by watercolour PD