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Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran

Sugar Ray Leonard taunts Roberto Duran during their Nov. 1980 fight at the Superdome in New Orleans. Duran famously gave up in the eighth round when he absorbed an uppercut, walked to his corner and.

Boxing legend Jack Dempsey

Boxing legend Jack Dempsey, lds, but not active as an adult. Got the name Jack because he was a "Jack-Mormon"


One of the most aggressive athletes I've had the pleasure of watching.Mike Tyson could had been the best boxer to ever been in a boxing ring

remember before he was a comedy character/rapist/mental case?

MIKE TYSON - The Baddest Boxer to enter the Ring - Such sheer force. No one lasted long in the ring. We never thought he could lose.

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the greatest of all time my hero and most of my inspiration came from this mans story! I wish I could sit down with him for a day# legend ALI.