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a white dog has its tongue out and is on a sign that says, they're in watercolour
Watercolour dog painting. Tutorials coming soon!
Watercolour Dog Portrait
I recently painted this dog, and would normally not go for a deep frame. Actually, I think it's great! Tilly looks 3d... almost like she's looking through the window. #doginabox #petportrait #dogpainting #watercolourdog #watercolourist #whitedogpainting #howtopaintdogs #watercolourtutorials #petportraitartist #dogportraits #watercolor #artforsale #originalartforsale #commissionsopen #learntopaint
France Pure and Simple
France Pure and Simple
Watercolour pet portrait examples and a link to a blog post of UK artist Emma Herbert. Nature, Watercolor Pet Portraits, Dog Portraits, Watercolor Animals, Watercolor Cat, Animal Paintings, Cat Painting
Watercolour Pet Portraits ~ Watercolourist and Author ~ Emma Herbert
Watercolour pet portraits are a popular choice for animal lovers. The nature of watercolour as a painting medium allows for expressive work, but also fine detail. In the right hands, it’s a versatile and gorgeous thing! As an artist, I love having the ability to tune my work to both the subject, and the required outcome, and watercolour delivers this flexibility. In this post I’m going to share a few examples with you. - #watercolourpetportraits #petportraitsuk #watercolours #petportraits
the sun is setting over some water and boats are out on the water in the distance
Blog ~ Watercolourist and Author ~ Emma Herbert
purple and yellow flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a piece of paper
Spring Flowers in All Their Glory ~ Join Me in the Garden
a snow covered field with trees and hills in the distance on a foggy day
Snow Painting Day! What a Surprise ~ Watercolourist and Author ~ Emma Herbert
Miniature Meadow in Watercolour
Handmade cotton rag paper can be a little temperamental, but with a little experimentation you can create some fun, small landscape paintings. This one is only a couple of inches square, but I love it! If you want to learn how to paint these easy landscape meadow paintings, do let me know! ~ #painting #watercolor #art #meadow #aceo
Painterly Ponders ~ Art, Travel, Words.
Painterly Ponders ~ Art, Travel, Words.
A Bright Landscape in Watercolour ~ Easy Landscape Painting Ideas
Landscape paintings in watercolour can be anything you want them to be, but if you're new to art it can be difficult to let go of perfection. This painting is created with a few squiggles of masking fluid, plenty of patience, but also freedom to express. I'll soon be sharing blog posts about my method, so please follow me here or visit my website. I have a newsletter and also write about travel along the way. I'd love to see you there! #landscapepainting #seascape #art #learntopaint
Painterly Ponders ~ Art, Travel, Words.
Painterly Ponders ~ Art, Travel, Words.
an oil painting of people walking down a narrow alleyway between two buildings with shutters on the windows
Featured Artists - Dmitri Danish Original Oils
Watercolor Old Town
Watercolor Old Town
A selection of watercolour flower paintings Pop, Minions, Floral, Miniature, Floral Art
Welcome to Painterly Ponders ~ Painting Ideas, Travel, and Art.
Floral art is a pleasure to paint, and creating the inspiration for my flower paintings in the garden is a great excuse to get outside! Watch this space for more, or visit my website if you'd like a painting of your own! #flowers #floral #art #garden #artist #watercolour
A pin board with beautiful cloud formations to use for painting cloudscapes. Travel, Clouds, Cloud Painting, The Sky
Welcome to Painterly Ponders ~ Painting Ideas, Travel, and Art.
I'm a little obsessed with the sky, so building a board of clouds for my cloudscape paintings seems like a good idea! ~ #art #sky #travel #nature #painting #clouds #howtopaintclouds #cloudscapes #artist #inspiration
A miniature watercolour painting of poppies. Poppies, Watercolor Poppies
Watercolour Poppies in Miniature
Just a little fun with three colours. It's easy to overcomplicate your art, when actually keeping it simple is one of the best things you can learn. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try new surfaces, and use offcuts of bigger sheets. This miniature floral painting is exactly that... leftovers! Follow me here on Pinterest to learn how you can improve your art with a few simple tips! Want to know more? Visit my website.
Painterly Ponders ~ Art, Travel, Words.
Painterly Ponders ~ Art, Travel, Words.