Seascape Paintings in Watercolour

My watercolour seascapes, impressionistic and loose.
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the sun is setting over some water and boats are out on the water in the distance
Blog ~ Watercolourist and Author ~ Emma Herbert
an empty field with trees and water in the background
Inspiring You to Make the Most of Every Day
an easy to paint watercolour painting of a seascape in greens and blues Miniature, Landscape Paintings, Watercolor Landscape, Watercolor Landscape Paintings, Seascape Paintings, Original Watercolors
Watercolour Road Map ~ Inspiring You to Dive into Watercolour!
Using limited colours can bring vibrancy to your watercolour landscapes. If you'd like to learn how, join me! #watercolour #painting #artwork #seascape #easyartideas
an abstract painting of trees and water
a watercolor painting of a cliff on the edge of a body of water with trees in the background
How to Use Watercolour Pencils ~ Emma Herbert ~ Watercolourist
How to Use Watercolour Pencils ~ Emma Herbert ~ Watercolourist. This seascape was created with pencils and a splash of water. Painting calm water takes a little patience, but it’s worth persevering. #watercolourpencils #howtousewatercolourpencils #watercolorpencils #watercolors #seascapepainting #sea #landscapepainting #seapainting
a watercolor painting of a river with trees in the foreground and blue sky above
Brittany Seascape
Have you been to Roscoff? Perhaps you've not visited this part of France, but the reality is that the colours of Brittany are a treat not to be missed. This French seascape inspired by the gorgeous greens and blues that shimmer along the coast. Will you join me?
a watercolor painting of a river and trees
Brittany Seascape
Brittany Seascape