Watercolor Landscape Paintings

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A seascape painted with watercolor pencils. Learn how to paint with them today.
How to Use Watercolour Pencils ~ Emma Herbert ~ Watercolourist
Multiple layers and a light touch helps to create calm water and reflections. Watercolour pencils are versatile, portable, and affordable, so let me show you why I love them. - #watercolourpencils #watercolorpencils #howtousewatercolorpencils #art #watercolors
a painting of three roses in a vase
watercolor painting of an old house with red shutters and potted plants in front
a painting of a blue door in an old stone building
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a watercolor painting of a canal with buildings and flowers in the window sill
Venice Backstreet by Joe Cartwright | Redbubble
a watercolor painting of an entrance to a house with potted plants and flowers
Seven Steps, Greek Isles
a watercolor painting of a building and trees
a watercolor painting of people walking down a street with trees on either side of the road
two people are walking down an alleyway in the old part of town on a sunny day
watercolor painting of an alley way with potted plants