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germany 2012 - frankfurt - städl museum - .PSLAB - japanese dishes - marble - minimalistic interior - sushi - bar - wood panel - shelf - bar stool - counter - vase - cement - lightning

Holbein's Sushi Bar: The empty space in the basement of Holbein’s renowned restaurant at the Städl Museum in Frankfurt has been transformed into a sus

Riverside Teahouse © Wu Yongchang

Lin Kaixin Design skillfully combined the concepts of symmetrical patterns and architectural gray space to deliver a humanely spiritual interior for the Riverside Teahouse. by interiordesignmag

Koya, 49 Frith Street, London. My favourite noodle house. Expect authenticity and deliciously fresh Udon (made daily on site; they knead their dough the traditional way, with their feet.).The above image is taken from

Simple benches outside Best noodle joint in Central London. Mushroom and walnut paste hot noodle dish is my personal fave

One of the several tapas places in Borne

Taller de Tapas in Argenteria, Barcelona, where Laura and I celebrated our engagement.