Laura Palmer
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contour line with pinecone
Hockney's joiner images an innovative way of illustrating with standard 6x4 photographs.
Picasso made these fractured, disjointed paintings by “analyzing” an object or scene from every angle, and then painting a single composition that combines each viewpoint. This early style of Cubism is actually called Analytic Cubism.
To "tie" in with contour drawing...
Adam Lupton is an artist currently based out of Vancouver, Canada whose work explores psychological and sociological struggles in modern society. Lupton creates oil paintings that blur the lines between realism and expressionism which seems to compliment the “the internal and external dialogue faced in his multi-directional narratives”.
drawings of sea shells - Google Search
Risd bike study (my notes: take pics and cut apart...each student gets one square and must enlarge...value study...print in B)
Saatchi Online Artist: Martina Roberts; Ink Painting "No title"