northern soul.

northern soul I love the silhouette and the use of Photoshop to make the northern soul records be in the body also the use of colour contrasting with the white background

I use to listen to northern soul a lot in the late 70's I still listen to my cassettes converted to cd by my son

Paul's Journey to Life: Day 440 - Dis-Traction From The Physical Part 4

VIDEO: Bristol teenager Levanna Mclean's Northern Soul dance videos go viral

Northern Soul Girl Dances to HAPPY - Pharrell vs Northern Soul Velvet Hammer

Northern Soul........ To go to an all-nighter and dance all night!

named after a soul singer, and grown up listening to my dads soul record collection. soul baby at heart!

How to dance to Northern Soul

How to dance to northern soul

The story of Northern Soul.

Book: The Story of Northern Soul: A Definitive History of the Dance Scene That Refuses to Die by David Nowell