Iron jungle gyms on the playground....I saw some horrific accidents on these as a child...but we kept right on playing on them...just came with the territory and we all knew never stopped us from living our childhood to the fullest!!....simple resilant kids of the 60s!!.......b♡

Playing on the Monkey Bars By Wayne Miller.I loved to play on the Monkey Bars at Buckman Grade School in Portland Oregon. The Monkey Bars didn't have any padding under them and were removed and replaced with a safe jungle gym system in the

Chinese jump rope.

French skipping, we played this all the time at school. We used to spend a lot of time making the 'rope' out of elastic bands. Later versions used elastic.

Did you own a brown leather satchel like this? #schooldays #nostalgia #childhood

Full of my "spell books", flying gloves and plastic pet toad - just like Mildred Hubbell - LM

Wash day - washing machine from the past. The link contains a history of our modern day laundry techniques and interesting photos.

Vintage Dolly Tub, Dolly Stick, & Plunger Used in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe to Wash Large Items

Remember when

Remember when

Clarks buckle shoes - had a pair of these

School shoes, how I longed for a red pair but we always had brown or black - better wearing.

Playing marbles in the don't play much in the dirt anymore...gotta keep the hands clean to play video games...sad!

Playing marbles in the don't play much in the dirt anymore.gotta keep the hands clean to play video games. I usually played "keepers" at recess. I got a lot of marbles that way.