Haworth Tompkins

Snape Maltings, Snape, Suffolk, United Kingdom The Dovecote Studio Haworth Tompkins Architects

Kids Tent

Kid's Tent {ferm living} - you could pay a lot for this or you could stretch fabric over a wooden dowel frame. Love it.

Ned Scott's War Rooms

The War Rooms, St. Science fictional and architectural drawings by Ned Scott for The War Rooms. The War Rooms Futuristic Illustrations by Ned

Haworth Tompkins

London architects Haworth Tompkins have inserted a Corten steel artist’s studio into a ruined Victorian dovecote in Suffolk, UK. Called The Dovecote Studio, the structure has a pitch…

Hus 1 by Torsten Ottesjö

Hus 1 is an inspiring new house designed and built by Torsten Ottesjö. With double curved surfaces, compact and efficient planning it is a house on.


This was the first time that he had ever looked into the labyrinth of the human soul. He was very far from understanding what he saw. Drawings by Paul Noble Title: Halldór Laxness

Haworth Tompkins

Haworth Tompkins

Haworth Tompkins / New Bond St

The Haunch of Venison Gallery by Haworth Tompkins

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