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Tree Bookcase

Tree book shelves -- great for kids room. Enticement to read. I'd like to see it made with darker wood or painted a rich brown color and placed in a living room. Also, this is full like a summer tree, I'd keep it more like late autumn with fewer displays.

Spiral Bookshelves

Look! More Cardboard Furniture Creations

DIY Cardboard furniture That doesn't look like it's made from cardboard! We've had some great posts on cardboard furniture you can buy that doesn't LOOK like cardboard, but most DIY options resemble the brown recyclable stuff.

Corner bookshelves,,...

Experimental Bookshelves by Ulterior Projects (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) – Using code to generate furniture.

Modern and unique entertainment furniture! #furniture #interior

This Ovidius Armani Xavira Modern Lacquer TV Stand Black has a unique design to it with the L-shape on the end, adding some life to you family room.