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a creepy living room with an old couch and chandelier
Overnight Ghost Hunts / Ghost Tours With Paranormal Eye
two benches sitting on top of a hill next to a stone tower with stairs leading up to it
Haunting Heights of Clitheroe Castle
black and white photograph of an old castle with the sky in the backgroud
The Most Haunted Castle in The Midlands
Ghost hunts here at the castle are certainly not for those afraid of the dark, not for the faint-hearted. Dark hooded figures are often seen and sensed by many guests, especially on the lawned area and one of the main walkways of the Castle.
two different shots of the same building in black and white, one with an eye on it
Tour of sandwich Guildhall
Tour of sandwich Guildhall
black and white photograph of an old building with many windows on the front, and a clock tower in the middle
Warwick Paranormal Eye UK
Warwick Paranormal Eye UK - Black History Month 2020
the old shire hall, paragonnal eye uk / sam lower left hand corner
Come on In
This vast grade I listed building has seen many people tried, and sentenced here along with many having been sentenced to death The tiered seating surrounds the canopied judge’s chair which still displays the hook upon which the black cap, traditionally worn when passing the death sentence, would hang. The courtrooms there has been strange reports of what sounds like screams and cries coming from deep below, some of these are reports of women and children.
an old castle with a full moon in the background and words written below it that read, paranormal eye ghost nights
The Haunted Castle
Ghost Hunts here at Margam Castle are certainly not for the faint hearted, Deep growls and groans are experienced in the many empty eerie rooms, strange unexplained lights and mists have been witnessed on the grand staircase. The gothic style building is said to be haunted by an extremely angry and violent spirit of the gamekeeper, there are also reports of visitors seeing his ghostly figure wandering through the woodlands. Margam Castle is situated in Port Talbot, South Wales .
a group of people standing in a room next to a piano and some lights on
Spooky going ons
A eerie feel inside this fantastic mansion
an empty room with wooden doors and a statue in the middle of the room,
You are being Watched !
With its many uses it's no wonder Bishton Hall has so many unexplained happenings, original wooden window shutters have been heard slamming on the upper floors, Door handles have been heard turning, several reports of a woman (Dressed in period clothing) looking out or walking across the upper floor window many of the staff and guests here believe this to be the Former Miss Sparrow. The feeling of someone walking past you when nobody is present has been reported in the entrance lobby. ?
A spooky place
This old house sits partially derelict. Would you sit here alone ?
black and white photograph of stairs in dark room
Above and Beyond
Stanley Palace, Ghost Hunt Saturday 7th December 2019 8pm till 1.00am Only £40.00 Per Person Stanley Palace is a stunning 16th Century Tudor building is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Chester, built in 1591 over the former Black Frairy, There has been many reports of Ghostly sightings (many believe this is the daughter (Elizabeth) of Sir Peter Warburton) Over the many years there has been numerous reports of unexplained happenings and activity.
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Haunted House
The Mansion House, Ghost Hunt Saturday 2nd November 2019 9pm till 2.00am Only £35.00 per person Ghost Hunts here at the Mansion are said to be extremely frightening at times, People have witnessed and reported loud disturbing noises coming from the derelict and locked off servants quarters. disembodied voices coming from areas that nobody is present. The sound of cries and screams and doors opening and slamming shut. S
a black and white photo of an old fashioned clock on a table in a dark alleyway
Chilling Corridor
Guys Cliffe Ghost Hunt Saturday 25th January 2020 8pm till 2.00am only £40 Per Person Guys Cliffe house is a remote location totally isolated from the outside world, only allowing a few visitors a year through its gates this is truly a hidden gem. This location offers many areas to investigate with caves, cellars, house ruins, masonic chapel and secret underground chambers.
an old building with a clock tower in the background
Old Court House
Warwick Old Courts Ghost Hunt, Friday 8th November 2019 9pm till 2.00am only £40.00 Per Person Warwick Court and the Shire Hall is situated in the centre of the historical town of Warwick, This vast daunting location has had a very long history of ghostly activity. This has 2 large old courtrooms, many cold and eerie holding cells and a dark cold 17th Century Dungeon. The Sheer darkness of this old building is enough to send shivers down your spine