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a poster for an event with castle in the background and text underneath it that reads cambridge castle
Tonbridge Castle Ghost Hunt
a poster for an event with castle in the background and text underneath it that reads cambridge castle
Tonbridge Castle Ghost Hunt
there are chairs around a table with a game on it in the middle of a room
The Lonely Place
The House That Cries, Ghost Hunt Saturday 8th February 2020 9pm till 2.00am only £45.00 Per Person This old eerie location Old Graisley Hall was named by Midland news as the 'The House That Cries' due to pools of water mysteriously appearing in the old hall, this unexplained phenomena has been experienced four times not only by the current owners, but also by visitors to the house on the odd occasion that it was opened up.
an empty room with a chandelier and wooden floors
An Empty Ballroom
With its many uses it's no wonder Bishton Hall has so many unexplained happenings, original wooden window shutters have been heard slamming on the upper floors, Door handles have been heard turning, several reports of a woman (Dressed in period clothing) looking out or walking across the upper floor window many of the staff and guests here believe this to be the Former Miss Sparrow. The feeling of someone walking past you when nobody is present has been reported in the entrance lobby.
an open door with the words danger keep out painted on it in front of a brick wall
Peep A Boo
Guys Cliffe is home to many spirits, The Coach house at this location is home to young young stable boy many believe his name is Jacob, jacob is a very mischievous spirit he will make himself known to many by knocking underneath the old floor, dark shadows can be seen, and the door opening and closing on command. The wine cellar is a very daunting area, set underground beneath the courtyard many believe this area is haunted by a young woman who was killed here.
the stairs lead up to an open door in a dark room with graffiti on it
A Derelict Place
Old Gresley Hall, Ghost Hunt Friday 10th January 2020 7pm till midnight only £25.00 Per Person Old Gresley Hall is situated in the remote village of Church Gresley on the outskirts of Derbyshire. This unique building dates back to the 16th century, The stone that was used to build this old hall was the stone from the old priory that was situated here in the grounds. Ghost hunts here at the old hall can be a truly frightening experience.
a black and white photo of an old building with a clock tower in the background
Warwick Old Courts
Warwick Court and the Shire Hall is situated in the centre of the historical town of Warwick, This vast daunting location has had a very long history of ghostly activity. This has 2 large old courtrooms, many cold and eerie holding cells and a dark cold 17th Century Dungeon. The Sheer darkness of this old building is enough to send shivers down your spine. We believe an intense ghost hunt here will leave you wanting more and answers to what took place at this gruesome location.
the moon is setting over an old building in black and white with pink eyeballs on it
A Chilling Mansion !
Spend the evening inside this hidden gem situated in Warwick, This vast location is steeped in untold history riffed in myths and legends and a vast location on any ghost hunters bucket list. Ghostly apparitions of a young lady have seen leaping to her death from the balcony to the rear property. Screams have been heard in the distance, heavy furniture has been heard being dragged across upper floors that no longer exist.
an iron gate in front of a dark forest with the moon shining down on it
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an event poster for the gays'life house, which is set to be held on
Are you brave enough to investigate this big old house and its ruins dating back hundreds of years ? The place has so many layers with its hidden caves and underground chambers. No wonder paranormal activity here is extremely common. Have you got what it takes to spend time alone here ?
an old building with the words moja furnace overnight ghost hunt saturday 13th june 2013
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the poster for guy's gfff house overnight ghost hunt, saturday 13th may 2013
Haunted locations uk - Paranormal Eye UK