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The next time you're at the beach, try some of these fun beach games for kids to keep your family entertained for hours!

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Eve Woman - Womans World : Find out when it should be a reason to worry about bed-wetting

Does your kid have frequent emotional outbursts? It can be challenging for you to handle. Know here how to deal with an emotional child and problems.

Darkness to Light: Shedding Light on Sexual Abuse (Guest Post) I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I am now equipped with a voice and am choosing to shed light.

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Are you in the process of unspoiling your children? Here are a few ways to raise grateful kids and nip the entitlement mentality in the bud. via Kori at Home

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Yes I agree spanking isn't good if your child didn't do anything or out of hate. I spank me kids out of love. Yes it make their bottoms sore but it teaches them a lesson parents. Consider spanking now.

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What can parents do to ease their kids' flu symptoms? Learn about treatment options.

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Amazing & Beautiful Funny food art pictures is a collection of food images which is created in funny style and it make us smile.