Saatchi Online Artist: Tigran Tsitoghdzyan; Oil, 2012, Painting "Mirror"

Amazing Saatchi Online Artist: Tigran Tsitoghdzyan - Oil painting, "Mirror", S)


sometimes i get so far into my head that i forget anything else exists. so true. This can be a bad thing.

I I love shadow photography

This photo represents value. In this photo you can see the highlights where the sun is shining on her and the shadows where it doesn't. The darker areas show more depth than the highlighted ones. (photo by Sarah Loven ) Idea of using shadows

Double Exposure 2 by Alex Hutchinson, via 500px

Double Exposure 2 - Another doube exposure, took this last night. Just wanted to practice more with lighting and more "artistic" ways of shooting. Not Photoshop - Double exposure using the camera only

Saatchi Online Artist: Dimosthenis Prodromou; Paper, Assemblage / Collage "Niki"

(have students do this before painting a portrait) Dimosthenis Prodromou; Paper, Assemblage / Collage "Niki" (Saatchi Online Artist) by marietta


You are prisoner of your own mind. // A prisoner of the illusion that you own mind had created.

Be happy!

STOP worrying. Street art - I so want to go out and put this on all the stop signs in my neighborhood!

I can so relate because I have depression anxiety and and overactive brain yet im super quiet

Quiet people have the loudest minds life quotes quotes quote life lessons life sayings stephen hawking quiet people


Manipulate Your Own Universe - According to photographer Sølve Sundsbø, he has no style. Despite his versatility, a Sundsbo image is easy to call. His pictures look as if they’ve been digitally.