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talkingtypes: Visual message: metro map Author: Tim Fishlock Nicely done - even if some of the letters are a bit of a stretch - but Animals on the Underground is more fun.

This work, by London-based designer and illustrator Tim Fishlock, takes the form of a poster where each letter of the alphabet has been fashioned out of sections and lines from the London Underground map, originally created by Harry Beck

From A to Z: a tour of the alphabet

London-based designer and illustrator Tim Fishlock posterized Harry Beck's famous alphabet made of sections and lines from the London Underground map. From the book "Alphabets: A Miscellany of Letters" by David Sacks

Eureka! Henry Becks original drawing for the diagrammatic tube map (1931), which sets out routes and stations according to clarity rather than geographical accuracy

Tunnel vision: a history of the London tube map


Meet Harry Beck, the genius behind London's iconic subway map

We designers salute you Harry Beck, designer of the iconic Tube map. The blue plaque at 14 Wesley Road in east London.

Harry Beck, designer of the London Underground map, has been honoured with an English Heritage Blue Plaque, unveiled today at Beck's birthplace in Leyton

Folded out, the back of Becks first pocket #LondonUnderground map

Tunnel vision: a history of the London tube map

A planned extension to the capital's public transport system could mark the end of the line for the classic London tube map.

London Tube Map, 1933. Harry Beck's Underground map solved the problem of how to represent clearly a dense, complex interweaving of train lines. Placing the stations at similar intervals regardless of their true locations, Beck;s map was dismissed as too revolutionary when it was first submitted.

Ten of the greatest maps that changed the world

Harry Beck. Graphic artist and map designer.  Born 14 Wesley Road, Leyton but he was only there for about 3 years.  He was brought up and educated in Highgate Village.  Joined London Underground in 1925 on a temporary basis and remained with them on and off until 1937 and for a few years after the war.  He produced the first version of the famous tube map in 1931.  Fell out with LT over who should make changes to the map (sounds like he became a bit obsessional).  Died in Southampton.con..

Harry Beck designed the iconic London Underground tube map in Most other urban and metro maps across the world are based on his original idea.