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palak dal – spinach with lentils

palak dal recipe with step by step photos. palak dal fry or spinach dal easy recipe. this palak dal recipe is simple and easy to make. without onion and garlic.

VEGAN APPLE CRUMBLE - fat & gluten free - YouTube

VEGAN APPLE CRUMBLE - fat & gluten free - Agave is terrible for you, so I wouldn't recommend it.

VEGAN GNOCCHI - gluten & fat free recipe - YouTube

These sweet potato wedges will do great as a part of a Thanksgiving dinner, a Sunday Vegan Roast or sides to a vegan burger. Sweet potatoes are healthier th

VEGAN PUMPKIN PIE - oil & gluten free || epically ethical thanksgiving || - YouTube

as part of the "epically ethical" thanksgiving dinner recipe collaboration with Bitesize Vegan! ingredients, link to playlist & other channels below.

VEGETABLE POT PIE - gluten & fat free vegan - YouTube

-ingredients- 1 cup rice flour 1 cup gluten free flour 1 tsp xanthan gum water (replace gluten free flours with wheat flour & omit xanthan gum if not gluten .

Red Lentil Recipe with Spinach, Coconut Milk, and Indian Spices

Red lentils and spinach with coconut milk. This red lentil recipe is similar to many dishes at an Indian restaurant. But I've simplified the spice mixture and made the whole thing a lot healthier.