Patchsmith's 2022 (BAD) Block-a-Day

Creating a block each day through 2022 using nothing more than scraps from my stash.
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a circular quilt with different colored triangles on it
Farmhouse Star in a Circle in a Square
We are onto the next stage in the Farmhouse Star Quilt sew along. Find out how to save time and money by using the quick fuse method for this sew along.
a close up of some cloths on a table with a bowl and spoon in the background
A lovely little trivet from "Patchwork Please" book.
a blue and white patchwork star on top of a table next to a cup
Block 12 from Moda's Blockheads 4 sampler sew along.
a colorful quilt with a star on it
Farmhouse Star Sew Along using Quick Fuse
a pink and blue union jack quilt next to a tape dispenser on a white surface
The Patchsmith's 6" Union Jack Block
I love how we can colour our world with fabric and fun.
a close up of a patchwork quilt on a table with a vase and scissors
a blue birdhouse sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a cup
Patchsmith BAD 2022 - Block 14 - A Birdhouse at Home
Block 11 becomes the focus of this floral star border.
an origami bird is sitting next to a bowl
Patchsmith BAD 2022 - Block13 - Sunrise
Another little Carol Doak paper-pieced block. I wonder where it will end up!
a red heart is sitting on top of a blue and white patchwork quilt next to a cup
Patchsmith BAD 2022 - Block12 - Riley Blake Block 2 Middle
Riley Blake are hosting a 'Challenge' sew-along but the blocks are just a little bigger than I want - so I have taken the middle out of their block 2.
a house made out of fabric sitting on top of a table next to a vase
Patchsmith BAD 2022 - Block 11 - Birdhouse no. 1
A cute little (3") paper-pieced birdhouse from one of my favourite Carol Doak books.
two pieces of red fabric sitting on top of each other next to a bowl and napkin
Patchsmith BAD 2022 - Block 10 - Two Pieced Heart
It doesn't get much quicker, or simpler, than this paper-pieced heart.
a red and blue star is on top of a white table
Patchsmith BAD 2022 - Block 9 - January's Quilting Life
Building on from Block 8 is the completed block for A Quilting Life's free 6" block.
a red vase sitting next to a patchwork star
Patchsmith BAD 2022 - Block 8 - Small and Simple Star
This itty bitty star is the very middle of A Quilting' Life's free block of the month. Click on the photo to find out more.
a patchwork piece with flowers on it next to a bowl of strawberries and a mug
BAD 2022 - Block 7 - Pretty Patchwork Corners
Straight from my Patchwork Corners mug rug pattern - so pretty.
a close up of a red and white flowered block on a table next to a cup
BAD 2022 - Block 6 - Pinwheel Paddles
Some scraps are just meant to be together.