The Patchsmith's Sampler Blocks

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a close up of a piece of fabric next to a cup on a white table
The Patchsmith's Chevron Brick Wall
This is Block 1 from The Patchsmith's Sampler pattern book - made with just three fabrics to create a chevron pattern. Find out more by clicking on the photo.
a close up of a piece of fabric on top of a table with a cup
The Patchsmith's Side Brick Wall
Here the chevron brick wall block is rotated a quarter of a turn for a slight variation. Visit the blog to find out more.
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a table next to patchwork
The Patchsmith's Chunky Log Cabin
A pretty look for Block 33 from The Patchsmith's Sampler blocks pattern book.
a quilted table topper with colorful blocks and shapes on it, sitting on a bed
Patchsmith Sampler Free Blocks
A few of the blocks from the Patchsmith's Sampler pattern book are available as a free download. Just click on photo and select the 'Freebies' tab at the top of the blog.
a colorful quilt with many different designs on it
Patchsmith Sampler Quilt Blocks
I love sampler quilts - each time you look at them you notice another favourite block or fabric or pattern.
a close up of a quilt on the ground
Patchsmith Sampler Quilt Blocks
Every block in The Patchsmith's Sampler Quilt is a favourite.
a quilt is laying on the ground with it's border in front of some grass
Patchsmith Sampler Quilt
This quilt represents so much fun. Every block was fun to design and make.
a sailboat is on the side of a piece of fabric
The Patchsmith's Sampler Block 50 - Yacht
A yacht can look pretty too - it is all case of fabric choices.
an envelope with red, white and blue paper on it next to a piece of crafting material
Patchsmith Sampler Block 50 - Yacht
If you sail through The Patchsmith's Sampler pattern book you will finish up at this lovely patchwork block. Perfect for adding a nautical theme to any project.
a piece of fabric with an apple design on it
Patchsmith Sampler Block 49 - Tea-time
Share a cuppa with me as we patch our way through fifty sampler blocks. This is Block 49 - Tea-time.
a close up of a piece of cloth with flowers on it
Patchsmith Sampler Block 48 - Fussy Cut Love Focus
Sometimes all it takes is a lovely fabric to make a simple block into perfection.
a ladybug sitting on top of a piece of fabric next to a red heart
Patchsmith Sampler Block 48 - Love Focus
Block 48 - Love Focus - from The Patchsmith's Sampler Blocks combines quick-fuse applique with a simple patchwork frame to create a block you will love.
the blocks are laid out on the table to make a quilted placemat with flowers
Patchsmith Sampler Blocks
All it takes is two fabrics to make Block 47 'Counterpane' look good. A traditional patchwork block from The Patchsmith's Sampler pattern book.
two pieces of fabric are laying next to each other on a table with scissors and tape
Block 46 - Simple Home. Patchwork houses don't come much simpler than this very pretty 6" block.
an orange and white quilt next to some thread
Patchsmith Sampler Blocks
Block 47 - Counterpane. A pretty little patchwork block that works best in just two fabrics.