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Camellia looks stunning when espaliered against a warm wall Light:Part Sun,Shade Type:Shrub Plant Height:To 20 feet tall Plant Width:To 20 feet wide Bloom Time:Blooms spring and summer, depending on variety Landscape Uses:Containers,Beds & Borders

Papaver 'Princess Victoria Louise'

This is a definite someday! I miss poppies Papaver Princess Victoria Louise. Had these 20 years ago befor my yard got so shaded. Going to start a sun garden this year and have to remember how much I love these interplanted with Iris.

Blueberry Ripple Tulips -

Blueberry Ripple Purple Tulip: Striking white flowers with purple-blue flames. Carefully selected for their color and shape. This assortment of Tulips in various shades of purple is sure to please you next spring. They are ideal for beds and borders.


When violet appears naturally in the environment, it is unbelievably beautiful.same thing for my kitty, her name is Violet.

Sweet pea "Blue Skies

Blue Skies : A subtle blend of some of the best blue sweet peas including fragrant varieties


Acorn Lane Vintage Living: digitalis alba in the garden. - Linda Broughman via R Miller onto White Garden

~Digitalis Foxglove - Snow Thimble --The first truly pure white foxglove

Digitalis Foxglove - Snow Thimble -- the first truly pure white foxglove flower.