Old Street ~ Yuriy Shevchuk! I can almost hear the clipclop of the horse as it pulls the carriage further into the distance (Mix Feelings Art)


This appears to be a concept sketch and it is easier to distinguish the different ideas that the architect is trying to convey through the markers, the fineliners and the variety in line weight.

Kyle Henderson Kyle Henderson is a London based architect and illustrator whose burgeoning interest in illustration and travel have driven and influenced his work. He frequently returns to his architectural roots to portray his view of the city and.

Dublin, Ireland

architecture 2 by Sunga Park, via Behance - - Travel Journal - Watercolour - Art - Sketch - Architecture - Mysterious Painting, at the corner of a Street.

John Derian Company Inc: 6 East Second Street between 2nd Avenue and the Bowery

Shells, circa 1755

Traigh Mhor Barra by Ron Lawson

Traigh Mhor Barra by Ron Lawson

Paintings, prints, and illustrations by Colorado artist Sherrie York. Landscape and wildlife subjects.

Sherrie York : Relief Printmaker High Tide Detritus Reduction linocut, Edition of 15 Image size x hand printed on Hosho paper