For every identity which the Narcissist discards, they create a new one, which is usually the old identity starting from scratch in the hopes of getting it right this new time around. They move in a perpetual cycle of repetition.

In my Photo 2 class, we were assigned to create a mini wall mural. Therefore, I decided to do Nicolas Malinosky's trippy portrait.

Effective use of text combined with image. Self Portrait 1

Love the idea but would use different words. i guess thats the point! effective use of text combined with image. Self Portrait 1

This image goes really well with our current self portrait project. It easily incorporates many different aspects of a person in what appear to be newspaper clippings. I appreciate the vintage style of the piece. I also like the fact that it was able to combine so many different fragments in a way that makes them seem related. -Chy .Collage art. Paper art.

Paint-Bleeding Portraits

cool nyc street art - Dain is a street artist from Brooklyn, New York. Dain has been wheatpasting since JFK announced that the USA was going to war with Vietnam… C.

Saatchi Art Artist Loui Jover; Collage, "anti pop andy" #art

Anti pop andy

Loui Jover Artist - Recommended by RAFO Fine Arts, Galleria Morcote & swissartgroup

(Self-Portrait by Saul Steinberg, Untitled)

AVSM: In reference to our unit; (Self-Portrait by Saul Steinberg, Untitled)

Chuck Close, Self-Portrait/collage, 2015. Read the review. KERRY RYAN MCFATE/PACE GALLERY

Chuck Close, Self-Portrait/collage, This photo has been edited and the neon colours highlight parts of his face and are very eye catching. This feels very realistic as it's a photo but is also unrealistic and abstract as the highlighting seems random.

Ketty La Rocca.

From Kadel Willborn, Ketty La Rocca, Autoritratto 2 parts overlapped, photo and drawing on plexiglas, 30 × 24 cm

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