METLA Forest Research Centre / SARC Architects

METLA Forest Research Centre / SARC Architects

~ Drawings Technical details presented next to an Elevation and a Plan technical section with all parts linign up, is really easy to read from the METLA Forest Research Centre / SARC Architects

Pracownia Architektury Głowacki - Szkoła Muzyczna Poznań // Jakub Podgórski, Maciej Popławski, Katarzyna Rybczyńska-Janczyk

During my early years in Architecture, I spent many hours searching for Architectural details, desperate to understand the real nitty gritty details of construction. As you know, good reliable Architectural details .

LSE New Students’ Centre by O’Donnell & Tuomey | Technical | Building Design

O’Donnell & Tuomey’s competition-winning proposal for the London School of Economics’ new Students’ Centre is striking not only for its crumpled form, but its unusual perforated brick facing.

Skulpturaler Baukörper

Municipal Library Heidenheim - pretty sure this detail has a ridiculous number of cold bridges.