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VEG Design Solutions, Part Three: How to Drain a Duck Pond Without Getting Poo on Your Hands - The Permaculture Research Institute

Dan Palmer Photo © Craig Mackintosh by Dan Palmer, Very Edible Gardens The Site-Specific Design Problem The problem was how do you dr

Making a Duck Pond | ThriftyFun

I'm afraid my dumb duck would try exiting the wrong side and get hurt.This is a guide about making a duck pond. Raising backyard fowl is becoming quite popular. If you choose to have ducks they will need a some type of pond.

Improve Your Posture From Head to Toe |

In order to have great posture, you have to think head to toe. Your feet, quads, hips, and core all come into play. Learn how to improve every aspect of your posture.

Overcoming chronic neck pain - postural causes and a unique exercise fix.

Information on how slouched posture causes neck, shoulder and upper back pain and how improved posture helps

Active and passive flexibility

Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Flexibility and Joint Limitations