The brand identity design process

25 logo design tips from the experts


(The Dribbblisation of Design — Mediumから) Think About Four Layers of Design " Design is a multi layered process. In my experience, there is an optimal order to how you move through the layers. The simplest version of this is to think about four layers:"

Buzz Launcher Branding on Behance

Buzz Launcher Korean creative duo Lee June Hyeong and Ahn Jae-woo have created a stunning identity for Buzz Launcher, a service that competes for first prize in the platform market share of Android.

ICONAUT Workshops - Always With Honor

Always With Honor is the design studio of Tyler and Elsa Lang.

Ugmonk » Blog Archive » Messenger Bag Process:From Sketch to Finished Product

Behind the Design: The Ugmonk Messenger Bag - SolidSmack -


Branding, Visual Identity and Logo Designs - 25 Creative Examples

Airbnb Process

Take a look at the creative processes behind the rebrand for Airbnb.

Kicksend: logo and icon design — SFCD

Designing a logo for a photo service that keeps you close to your loved ones.

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