"Hanging Out The Washing" by J. H. Wingfield (Illustration from the Ladybird book 'Helping At Home')

"Hanging Out The Washing" by J. Wingfield (Illustration from the Ladybird book 'Helping At Home'). Love the clever capturing of bright sunlight in this illustration.

Classic Forgotten Ladybird Books

Why Mummy Went Into Hospital On Her Birthday - Classic Forgotten Ladybird Books

'Mick, The Disobedient Puppy' - Ladybird book,1952 - should he be smoking near that child? Nice dresser though!

17 Dogs Who Discreetly Bend Their Owner’s Rules Mick, the disobedient puppy, Ladybird

Ladybird Sleeping Beauty

SLEEPING BEAUTY BY ERIC WINTER, LadyBird Books, Illustrator Vera Southgate, The Wicked Fairy is present here looking almost exactly the same as she was in an earlier illustration when she cursed the baby. Note spinning wheel in the background.

'Learning with Mother' books (Ladybird series 702) by Ethel Wingfield; illustrated by Harry Wingfield; First Published 1970-1972.

Learning with Mother books (Ladybird series) by Ethel Wingfield illustrated by Harry Wingfield

Another beautiful Ladybird book

Another beautiful Ladybird book, l think l prefer these learning type than the stories.