such a cute idea!

clever place card holder - fork holding large punched butterfly shaped name card

I LOVE the wall where you can hang/pin pictures and other important things!!!

Home Office , Home Office Design Ideas : Home Office Design With Wall Mounted Book Case And Desk With Ergonomic Chair And Rug Love background ribbon board

Victorian meets modern - Eames style table and chairs

80 Ideas For Contemporary Living Room Designs


Spiral staircase design is commonly built to represent the luxurious accent in the house also one of many solution to saving space. With spiral shape of stairs, it can be placed in the corner or ev…

Stairs - again black and white

I think the molding on the wall side could really dress up my house! Would love to strip and stain my banister like this.

Landing cupboards?

Incredibly Designed Studio Apartment Kitchens

Best Ideas of Very Small Kitchen Designs to Inspire You : Cute Small Kitchen Design Idea With A Pegboard For Your Kitchen Plans Inspiring Very Small Kitchen Designs As Small Spaces Kitchen Ideas

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Thecus N5810 Pro NAS Review and Giveaway

Running out drive space? Enter win this fantastic Thecus Pro NAS for all your netwokred storage and backup needs!

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